1.0.0 25 Feb 2004 Aaron Trickey <>;

    Thanks to Matej Cepl, who contacted me with a feature request and
    then helped find a bug and get it building cleanly on Debian.  His
    contact prompted me to (for now) revive the project, fix a few
    nagging issues, make it build clean on more compilers, and release
    again.  It seems featureful and bugless enough (all such things are
    relative) to call 1.0, which means of course someone will download
    it and find a problem tomorrow.

    * Added AUTHINFO SIMPLE support to NNTP retrieval.  This allows
      usage of newstap with systems like, which use
      this simple username/password scheme.  There is still no support
      for encrypted sessions or any nontrivial authentication scheme.
    * Added NEWEST N as an option for retrieval limiting (in addition to
      the existing OLDEST N)
    * Added an INITIALLY option to control the first retrieval on a
      group; the intended use is as INITIALLY NEWEST N, which
      corresponds to that "Download newest ___ headers" dialog you
      always see on regular newsreaders.
    * Fixes: A bug in the progress bar was fixed; the warning level was
      upped and all warnings coming from gcc-3.2.3 or gcc-2.95 were

0.9.4 07 Sep 2000 Aaron Trickey <>
    * Added SMTP delivery (del_smtp.c)

0.9.3 05 Sep 2000 Aaron Trickey <>
    * Added ${VARIABLE}, $VARIABLE, and ~ substitution for configuration files.
    * Fixed a bug in NNTP retrieval which caused badness if you reread a
      group before new articles appeared
    * Added direct mbox delivery, including NFS-compatible dotlocking.
    * Eliminated stdout delivery and made it a special case of mbox or message.
    * Added a little progress bar, just so you know what it's doing.
    * Split and cleaned up some of the code.
    * Updated the documentation.

0.9.2 25 Aug 2000 Aaron Trickey <>
    Fix to text_hdr_wrap() which would cause Newstap to be completely
    unusable... I had not thoroughly tested it before initial checkin.

0.9.1 24 Aug 2000 Aaron Trickey <>
    Initial release.

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