Development History for wmget

wmget 0.6.0 - More options, nominal error handling, fixes

    * New options: auth, proxy_auth, ascii, interface, referer, headers
    * Failed downloads now generate a <filename>.ERROR file containing
      error text, instead of making you guess
    * Minor fixes & cleanups
    * Rewrote much of the manpage, and moved it from POD to DocBook-XML

wmget 0.5.0 - RC file, more options, bugfixes

    * wmget may now be configured via ~/.wmgetrc
    * Cleaned up and more comprehensive command-line options
    * More download options available: proxy support, redirect support,
      and yes, FINALLY... output directory support!
    * Some old source cleanups, and some new source sloppiness.
    * Fix to a bug that created garbage download names

wmget 0.4.4 - Fix to work with libcurl > 7.9.5

    * Thanks again to Rafal Zawadzki for a report: wmget + newer libcurl
      did not show download progress.  After updating my libcurl it
      turns out that the progress callback function signature has
      changed, so a little #iffing and all is well again.

wmget 0.4.3 - Minor bugfixes, cleanups

    * Fixed the makefile sourceball target to unpack into a subdirectory
    * Cleaned up a couple of bits of code
    * Removed -Werror and -g from normal builds
    * Thanks to Rafal Zawadzki for building a .deb and submitting it to
      Debian Sid, and to Kurt Hindenburg for reporting build and tarball

wmget 0.4.2 - Fixed AfterStep support

    * The new dockapp code no longer worked right under AfterStep's
      Wharf.  Fixed.  Thanks to Andy Jalics for the email bugreport.
    * Updated the docs to reflect the fact that Window Maker is not the
      only WM out there.  :)

wmget 0.4.1 - Bugfix

    * Off-by-one error in a memmove() caused garbage characters to
      appear at the end of downloaded filenames on the local system in
      certain cases.

wmget 0.4.0 - New ``dockapp'' library, cleanups, features

    * Middle clicking on the dockapp now starts a download of the URI in
      the primary X selection (right-click on a link in Mozilla, select
      ``Copy Link Address'', and middle-click on wmget... presto.)
    * Wrote from scratch a new little library to do dockapp programming.
      Hides all the X stuff, and provides a main loop with a few new
      features.  Replaces the old wmgeneral.c.
    * Fixed default save-name of URL's with no trailing filename
      component---now selects the final path component, whatever it is
      (e.g. => ""); also fixed the
      display name to always show the basename of the save filename if
      no display name was provided
    * Added a Slackware package target.
    * Corrected/added command line help (LIST was missing...)
    * Cleanups: Makefile, source, docs.

wmget 0.3.0 - A couple of new features, cleanups, fixes

    * Implemented CANCEL and LIST commands
    * Minor doc cleanup
    * Fixed it to work with more recent libcurl's (thanks to Paul Tweedy
      for emailing me about that; I hadn't upgraded my cURL in a while)

wmget 0.2.0 - Rewrite of the client/server ipc.  Renaming.

    Very little user-visible change.

    Rewrote client/server ipc to use text requests/responses over a unix
    domain socket rather than binary structures over a FIFO.

    Also, with this version, I renamed it from ``wmcurl'' to ``wmget''.
    The old name was sorta a poor choice: while I still rely on, and want
    to give full credit to, the cURL guys, the name ``wmcurl'' is 
    not very intuitive.  Plus I didn't want people thinking it was part
    of the cURL project proper.  Plus this saves me a keystroke when
    typing it :)

wmcurl 0.1.0 - Initial release.

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